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Privacy Policy

Takeuchi International Intellectual Property Office (Takeuchi IP), which manages this site, holds of great value the appropriate management and protection of private information. In accordance with the law on private information, the privacy policy below was established.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The private information we receive will be used in accordance with the following objectives (shown below). In the case that private information must be handled beyond the scope of our private policy objectives, we will handle the information appropriately after being notified of the special privacy requirements.

Management of Private Information

The private information we receive will be managed appropriately. We work hard to prevent loss, damage, falsification, unauthorized access, and leakage of information we hold.

Disclosure of private information to a third party

The private information we receive will not be disclosed to a third party, other than as required by law.

Disclosure, revision, and deletion of private information

In cases where an individual wants to disclose, revise, or delete their private information, they may do so without delay after confirmation of the individualā€™s identity.

Change of Privacy Policy

Along with changes in the content of the services and in the saved private information, as decreed by the Japanese law, the descriptive content of the privacy policy may also be revised as is seen fit.

Use of Google Analytics

This site uses Google analytics to provide better service and to improve usability. Through use of this site, information is gathered and analyzed.


Under these conditions, this site uses cookies and Google may gather user information such as the userā€™s IP Address. The information gathered through cookies cannot be used to identify personal information.

The data gathered by Google is managed under the Google Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, by using this site you consent to Googleā€™s and the siteā€™s management of your information through the methods and for the purposes detailed above.